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Products Details

Product name:20 pair distribution box with STUB module(Outdoor)

Product Model:HYT-300307A

Brand Name:Hongyi

The subscriber connector unit consists of arectangular box base with a cover and two

five-poleconnection modules secured in a stainless steel plate.

The top and base are hinged together, and thetop is easily removable to facilitate working in cramped conditions.

The cable grommets for wire entry and exit maybe adjusted to conductor size and are also removable.

A metal screw is provided in the wire housingrecesses to secure the grounding wire.

Empty distribution box for 1pair dropwire module(STBmodule),offer  good connectionenvironment for telecommunication.

      Application for replacing Tyco VX-SB subscribe connector unit terminalblocks,Connecting 1 pair module without protection,module with surge protection(gas-discharge instrument with surge protection to 230V) and module withovervoltage and overcurrent (overvoltage to 230V, and by two resistors PTC,which protect from the overcurrent).

Contact characteristics
Drop wire connector:
Gauge range  0.4 to 1.2mmφ    
 insulation diameter:5.5mm maxφ
Pair connector:
Gauge range  0.4 to 1.2mmφ     
insulation diameter:3.0mm maxφ
Current conducting capacity
20A 10A per connector for 10 minutes at leastwithout causing deformation of the module
( if >20A up to30A is required, this is possible using a different GDT)

Insulation resistance

 Dry atmesphere 


 Damp atmesphere(ASTMD618)


 Salt fog(ASTMB117)


 Immersion in water(15 daysin 3% NaCi solution)


 Contact resistance

 RMaterial+Rbridge contacts+Rwire contacts


 Increase in contact resistance

 After climatic tests 


 After 50 reinsertions


 Dielectric strength

>3000 Vdc for 1 minutes

Mechanical characteristics

Box base and cover

Polycarbonate RAL 7035

Earthing assembly

Stainless steel


Thermoplastic rubber


Flame retardant9UL94) fiber-glass reinforced polycarbonate

Lower sealant

Polymeric resin

Pair/drop wire housing screw

Special passivated direct lacquered Zamac alloy

Drop wire housing body

Transparent polycarbonate

Cable/drop wire membrane

Thermoplastic rubber

Upper cable sealant

Silicone fluid

Pair/drop qire bearing cover


Insertion contacts

Tinned phosphor bronze

Ground contacts

Cu-Zn-Ni-Ag alloy

Plug-in module body

Flame retardant(UL94) fiber-glass reinforced polycarbonate

Continuity contacts

Tinned hard brass

Plug-in module sealant


“O” ring



Stainless Steel

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