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Products Details

Product name:100 Pairs Siemens 7100 Types block

Product Model:HYT-200111

Brand Name:Hongyi

Application in the network

1.Suitable for high density installation(2400 pair single sided cross connectioncabinets, 1600  pairs on 2.6meters vertical MDF, containerizedexchanges..)

2. STGmodules are suitable for public telephony(MDF.cross connectioncabinets,building distribution)as well as for private telephony and high datarates transmission.

3.The modulecan be used in any modern network and fully compatible with all kind ofapplications (XDSL.pairgain)

Features and Benefits

Cat. 5 as a standard (100 MHz)

Multiple retermination possible with all kind of solid copper conductor gauges in the range of 26 AWG (0,4 mm) to 20 AWG (0,8 mm) (Special contacts for stranded wires 7 x 35 AWG (0,15 mm) are available upon request)

Cable with single wire copper conductors from

26 AWG (0,4 mm) to 20 AWG (0,8 mm) on cable and jumper side

Termination and removal of wires with the same tool

Maximum insulation diameter of 15 AWG (1,5 mm)


Very compact pitch of 16 mm (14 mm pitch profile is available upon request)

Easy to use

Mono block circuit offering continuity

Can improve wire retention (straight IDC)

T-connection possible with 2 wires in one slot (2 wires of 24 AWG (0,5 mm) together or 1 wire of 24 AWG (0,5 mm) first and then 1 wire of 23 AWG (0,6 mm))

High rigidity and contact pressure on the conductor

100% Tin plating on the contact

Gas-tight connection area corrosion proof

IDC embodied contact in plastic casing

High-density installation thanks to 16 mm compact pitch (1240 pairs on a 2-meter vertical frame) 14 mm pitch profile is available upon request

Thickness of contact (0,8 mm)

Comprehensive range of protection circuits

Wiping resistant marking from 1 to 0 (10-pair modules) or 1 to 8 (8-pair modules) on jumper side

Compatible with all STG accessories


Technical characteristics

Electrical Performances

Contact resistance

1 mΩ

Leading through resistance(20 mV / 10 mA, 50 mm cable)

26 AWG (0,4 mm) < 20 mΩ24 AWG (0,5 mm) < 16 mΩ23 AWG (0,6 mm) < 12 mΩ20 AWG (0,8 mm) < 8 mΩ

Insulation resistance (500 V)

> 10 GΩ

Dielectric strength (50 Hz)

5 kV


Plastic materials


Contact material


Contact coating

100% Tin Plated

Flame retardant glass-filled polycarbonate

UL 94 V0


Light Grey

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